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Our Team

Ali Khatau-Founder & CEO

Ali is a Third year Medical Student at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University in Tanzania. He is also a Social & Tech entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of ElimuTanzania. He currently leads a team of 5 individuals at ElimuTanzania and oversees the enterprises daily activities. Ali strongly believes in the power of a good education and how it can transform the life of an individual.

Musa Kamata-Advisor

I am a project management practitioner and an entrepreneur with employable ICT skills and knowledge with over three years experience in Project Management in different projects such as socio-economic empowerment programs.  Currently, I lead Buni Hub (COSTECH)  overseeing the Hubs daily operations.

I am also a Project Manager for TechBox Africa. I monitor, coordinate and perform project evaluation and assessment of the team.

I am a Co founder of Daftari Pay startup company  which empowers SMEs to be bankable, promoting financial inclusion hence encouraging Tanzanian economic growth.

My attention to detail gave me an opportunity to work as a World Bank consultant  in the implementation of the Negawatt Challenge, Dar es salaam Energy Change Lab by HIVOS and Making All voices Count (MAVC) as a Business Mentor.

Paul Mandele-Advisor

Paul is a technology enthusiast, a mid-level developer and young activist having background in electronics, computer science and leadership roles.

Having attended technical schools and worked with Ifunda and Iyunga Tech Sec Schools’ electrical & electronics maintenance brigades Paul has got a proven experience on electronics, Also having served as ICT trainer and treasurer at Kijana Amka Sasa Organization for 2 years and being a founding member of African Youth Empowerment Team-NGO, Paul proves his leadership abilities and experience on ICT industry.

Paul’s achievements includes participation on  Africa rising course – a leadership course by African Leadership University, co-founding Prinpo – a start-up that focuses on selling 3D printed visual teaching models to schools and co-founding AYET – a youth led initiative to redefine African youth empowerment and advocacy
Paul is passionate about grooming the generation of young leaders and innovators who use technology to solve problems around their communities and create job opportunities for themselves and their fellow youth.

Farhan Yusuf-Social Media Manager

Farhan Yusuf is a Pharmacist who is passionate about making a difference and believes very strongly in continuous learning and sharing of knowledge and experiences.

 For the past three years Mr. Yusuf has been with John Snow, Inc. (JSI) Tanzania office as a Supply Chain Monitoring Advisor for SCMS & the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT. In this role he is stationed at the Head Office in Dar es Salaam and is responsible for maintaining communication between the Logistics Management Unit (LMU) team working from the different Medical Stores Department (MSD) zones across the country and the central JSI team. From the beginning of 2016, Mr. Yusuf has also been supporting the in Supply project.

 Mr. Yusuf holds a Bachelors of Pharmacy degree from the Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences and is fluent in Swahili and Gujarati. He is a keen promoter of the Sustainable Development Goals and supports various other causes related to education, health and youth empowerment.

Punit J Solanki-Blog Manager

Punit Solanki is a Pharmacist, Writer and Entrepreneur who is especially interested  in developing modern techniques and ideas regarding health through pharmaceutical sector and education sector.

 Mr. Punit holds a Bachelors of Pharmacy degree (BPharm) from the Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences and is fluent in English, Swahili, Gujarati and is really good with Creative ICT skills. He did his secondary education (NECTA) at Shabaan Robert Secondary School in Upanga, Ilala. His academic achievements at both the institutes are noteworthy.

 For the past one year, Mr. Punit has been through his internship at Muhimbili National Hospital as a Hospital Pharmacist, Tanzania Food and Drug Authority as a Regulatory. Pharmacist and JD Pharmacy as a Dispensing Pharmacist. Recently, he has been writing health articles related to his field in the Health Magazine in The Citizen newspaper and developing Patient Education info graphics with the name of The Pharmacist, which are both available in English and Kiswahili.